Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pants Box-$0-$2

I made this bc my boyfriend is addicted to magazines. And they are always all over the place.

What you need:
A box-whatever size you need, but roughly about the size of your hips (you'll see why in a minute)
A pair of old pants you'll never wear again
Contact Paper
An old belt (optional)
Ribbon or felt
Stapler and glue

1. Assemble the box normally on one side. On the other side cut off all four flaps.
2. Strengthen the corners with packing tape.
3. Strengthen the whole thing with contact paper.
At this point you have what looks like a box, except open on one end and covered in clear, adhesive plastic.
4. Place your old pair of pants around the box just as you would around yourself.
5. Cut off the excess pant legs leaving just enough material that you can fold and tape down on the end of the box that is closed, as if you're wrapping a present.
6. Use epoxy or other strong glue to adhere the fabric to the bottom of the box.
7. At the opposite end (the open end) staple around the perimeter of the top. Make sure your staples are going through both the cardboard and the fabric. Staple from the outside-in so that the rough parts are inside of the box.
8. Using ribbon or felt, glue around the inside perimeter of the box to cover up the rough staples.
9. If adding a belt, put it through the belt loops and buckle it.
Obviously the applications for this are limited only to your needs. 
Use prettier fabric to make storage for your crafts, yarn, et c.
Use children's clothes to make Pants Boxes to organize their toys.
Use pants with more pockets for more storage.
Send me your pics!

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